Engrave Multiple Names

Example One

Multiple Names - add extra fields

You want to order 11 of the same trophy but with a different name on each.

  1. First, choose your trophy and navigate to the correct page, enter the quantity you require (in this example we are ordering 11)

  2. Now you have up to FOUR† lines of engraving available to use.

  3. If you want Line 1 to be the same on every trophy simply enter it once and don't tick either of the boxes to the right of the line. (In this example we've used Tower Trophies Football Team)

  4. Line 2 is also going to be the same on all 11 trophies. ( Squad Member) See Image 1 below

  5. On Engraving Line 3 we will be adding 11 different names. To the right of the Line you will see two tick boxes. Tick the Multiple Box †See Image 2.

  6. You will see that the box previously said Engraving Line 3 and has now changed to

  7. Click back into the field showing and 11 extra boxes will pop up.

  8. Enter your 11 different names into the boxes. See Image 3 below.

  9. You can choose which line you want your changing text to go against by simply ticking the multiple box against the line you prefer.†

Image 1.

Image 2.

Image 3.

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