Tower Trophies Team Box

Tower Trophies Team Box

Not sure what to do about Presentation Night?

If you are not sure about getting everyone together to present your trophies you may find our team boxes useful. Upgrade your order to team boxes and we’ll individually pack each teams awards into separate boxes so that you can hand them out quickly and easily to one representative or deliver them directly to their venue or home.

This is an invaluable service for Leagues with many teams and it’s all part of our service at no extra cost. Just call or mail to make the arrangements. We can even deliver them directly to your teams home address by a tracked courier for the cost of the carriage. (currently £4.95 per box)


The all new Tower Boot Trophy styled on the Adidas Predator

Tower Trophies Golden Boot Trophy
Tower Trophies Golden Boot Trophy is an impressive 23 cm (9.5″) almost a full Size 7 Boot!
Tower Trophies Football Boot Trophy

Available in 2 sizes and 3 colours the Tower Trophies Football Boot Trophy powers us into the 21st Century. Styled on the Adidas Predator Boot and made from the new Heavyweight Materials they are already causing a fuss.

Tower Trophies Boot Award

We expect these trophies to sell out almost before the Football Trophy buying season gets into full swing so we recommend that you use our Reserve Stock service to ensure that none of your squad are disappointed.

How to see actual samples of trophies before you buy…

If you are a league purchaser or have a Tower Trophies Triple Zero Account you can order up to 10 different samples of awards so that you can actually examine them or present them to your committee before committing to an actual order.

We will deliver the samples to your home address, or your nearest Post Office if it’s more convenient, and when you’ve finished with them you simply pack them up in their original packaging and drop them off at the Post Office using the pre-paid address label supplied by us.

If you are available throughout the day we can even arrange to collect them from your home or business address.

To order your samples simply add them to the cart in the normal way and check out using the Direct Payment option. Put your Triple Zero Account unique number in the ‘other information’ box and we’ll rush them to you in time for your meeting.

No charge is made for this service and there is no obligation to buy however it is only available to pre-approved Triple Zero Account holders.

How to Pay Direct to our Bank using Fast Pay

With effect from the 1st April 2020 we will no longer be accepting cheques. Most of our customers now have have a bank account from which they can make a Direct Bank Transfer . (often called Fast Pay)

As an additional incentive for your club or league to adapt the direct payment method, in place of cheques, we are offering an additional discount of 1% of the order . This will be a limited offer whilst the transition takes place. You can of course continue to use all other methods of payment. Credit Cards, Debit Cards or PayPal when you check out

To use Fast Pay simply choose Pay Direct at the checkout and make a direct payment to our Bank using your order number as a Payment Reference. We will send you a reminder email with our Bank details included.

If this changed situation is likely to cause you any problem please let us know and we will ease you through it.

Check out Football’s Fresh Faces…

We’ve added well over 100 new football designs to our site already and you can expect more as the days go by. Most of our new designs are available in up to 4 sizes making that close to 500 actual trophies. You can view the NEW FOOTBALL TROPHIES HERE.

The all new Segments Collection covers Ladies Football Trophies along side the men and have a complete range of individual club awards which makes it easy to create a themed presentation evening. The entire collection is made from heavy cast resin and finished by hand.

Stay safe online…look for the padlock.

With so much fraud, phishing and downright cheating going on across the World Wide Web we thought we’d just remind you about the security that we use on our servers and website.

Look for the padlock, our site is secured by HTTPS.

The TowerTrophies.com servers are fast and responsive and hosted in the cloud and they are locked down with hyper secure firewalls which blocks everyone out except us and even then we have to go through some considerable security protocols to ensure that we are using an authorised device. Specialist software monitors access to the site and if we think anyone accessing is a little dodgy or maybe just trying to clog us up a little then our engineers block them for good.

Your connection to our site is by an HTTPS connection which stands for
Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. That is the secure version of HTTP, meaning all communications between your browser and our website are encrypted. We can’t read it nor can the cheats so what’s yours remains securely yours and once you’ve added your order to our server it remains securely ours.

Tower Trophies PCI Compliance is audited by Trustwave

Your payments are taken on the PayPal server so we never keep or even see your sensitive card details and our PCI Security certificate is audited by Trustwave.

Many of the Major Leagues have trusted us with their annual orders for over 40 years so if you are new to Tower Trophies we think it’s important that you are aware how seriously we take your security.

Become a Member of the Tower Trophies TRIPLE ZERO CLUB and save even more money for yourselves and your members.

Once your membership has been confirmed you can then access our 100+ rate for every trophy, gift or crystal product on the site.

There are ever increasing benefits to being a member of our exclusive Triple Zero club but by far the most popular is access to our 100+ pricing for both you, the Triple Zero Club member and all of you’re nominated members.

Here’s how it works. Firstly you, your club or your league need to spend a minimum of £1,000 per year with us or show us historical evidence of your ability to do so. (In some cases you may have received a personal invitation in which case you should activate your membership by clicking the Activate image above) Many hundreds of leagues and societies have done just that already.

Once your membership has been confirmed you can then access our 100+ rate for every trophy, gift or crystal product on the site. You get the same price no matter how many you buy, just one or 100+.

That’s good for you but great news for your members too. If you are a league with lots of teams you can nominate each team, give them a unique triple Zero password and they too can access the 100+ rate. Even if they only spend £20.

If you are an organisation spending at least £1,000 per year, with us, then please register and send us a list of eligible teams or members that you wish to have access.

If you are a member of an organisation that could qualify we’d love you to encourage them to join so that we can all share the benefits together. The Triple Zero Club increases your buying power and ours too and it’s just one more way that proves that together we make a great team.

Tower Trophies Rewards is more than an incentive scheme. It recognises our commitment to our regular customers and passes back any savings that we are able to make directly to you. The following are some examples, return to this page to keep up to date as new ones are added.

  • FREE Personalised Club Centres
  • Glass Engraving Artwork credit £25.00
  • Tower Trophies Rewards | Free Gifts with Purchase
  • Personal Shopper
  • Additional Payment related Discount
  • Branded fund raising items | No Set Up Charges
  • League Sample Service
  • Branded Clothing | No Set Up Charges

All aboard for the Netball World Cup

Held over 10 days in Liverpool the Netball World Cup is expected to cause great excitement in a sport that is experiencing new found popularity not least because of England’s Roses dramatic gold medal at the Commonwealth Games snatched from favourites Australia in the last second of the game.

England Roses' Netball Team Commenwealth Games Gold Medal Winners

The Roses are now national heroes and golden girls and are hosting the Netball World Cup on the 12th July, 2019 at Liverpool
Tower Trophies Netball Trophies

We have been responding as quickly as possible to the increase in demand for new Netball Trophy designs and currently have 147 designs available in our Netball Trophies category but don’t forget that all of our Crystal can be personalised with your Netball Team Logo or club badge. Every Netball Trophy is priced to include 90 characters of Engraving but most can also include your netball team badge.

Netball Bespoke Medals available from Tower Trophies

Bespoke Netball Medals are a speciality at Tower Trophies and can be personalised in a number of ways with prices starting at under £1 and neck ribbons complete with medal clip in dozens of team colour combinations. Call or mail us for a quotation and delivery estimate.

How Celebrity Chefs changed our concept of eating.

At 8:55 pm on Wednesday, 12th June 1946 the journey of the TV Chef began with a Worldwide first on British Television. The BBC’s first cookery programme came to air, called simply “Cookery” and starring Philip Harben it was just 10 minutes long.

Tower Trophies | Philip Harben's Cooking Encyclopedia

Philip showed the Nation how to make lobster vol-au-vents during his first broadcast but as Britain was still subject to food rationing following the War he would often use his own rations to show his audience how to make Steak & Kidney Pie and how to cook chips. He may well have been the first but he set the path for the rise of the Celebratory Chef and more importantly the way the British Nation view food, cookery and the kitchen.

Fanny Craddock, Keith Floyd, Ken Hom, Delia Smith, Jamie Oliver, Paul Hollywood. The list is extensive but each has one thing in common with the other, they have all influenced our daily view of eating and cooking and for the most part for the good. During the 1940’s the emphasis was on cooking healthy food on a budget with ingredients sourced from as local as possible, often the cooks own garden, not least because War time food rationing did not end until July 1954.

Tower Trophies | Blackberries in the Hedgerow

Locally caught game was complimented by potatoes and vegetables from the garden and followed with a hearty pudding of Blackberry and Apple pie foraged from the hedgerows. and encased in homemade pastry.

As the people became more affluent the cooking programmes reflected the yearning for better things and austere dishes gave way to home entertaining with produce sourced from around the World. Kumquats and Mangoes replaced local berries and Tiramisu trumped traditional pies and of course Fanny, Keith and Ken inspired and led the charge.

In the 21st Century the World of television and radio has its own cooking celebrities and much anticipated programmes – now even it’s own channel. The Great British Bake off commands an audience of 6.3 million and added drama to the airways when vast sums of money enticed it from it’s original BBC home to Channel 4. Now watching Baking is as big an industry as the actual baking itself and encompasses Drama, Popularity and Money . Trends have come and gone with Prawn Cocktail giving way to Snail Porridge but there is an irony to be seen in the turning of the Celebrity Chef circle as flying exotic ingredients half way around the World is now frowned upon with ingredients grown locally or foraged in the hedgerows once again – hello 1940 it’s great to see you back!

Tower Trophies Baking Trophy

Competitive cooking emerged from the early days of Baking with the best short bread taking the winning card at local produce and farming shows around Britain with Granny’s Victoria sponge cake being the talk of the village. Never one to miss an opportunity our celebrity cooking alter egos invented Master Chef, The Great British Menu and of course The Great British Bake Off which is in a Marquee just like the village shows of yesteryear.

Needless to say its not the taking part that counts – its the winning! So you’d expect our Baking Trophies to keep up with the trends and we continue to add more designs year on year. Tower Trophies is one of Britain’s Biggest Stockists of Trophies and Awards and we are regularly asked to supply custom made Cooking Awards, Chef Trophies and Corporate Branded Trophies for village shows and National exhibitions alike.